The Cacao Cucina™ Difference

At Cacao Cucina®, we’re more than just an equipment manufacturer. Our team possesses a wealth of experience in process engineering, food science, product development, as well as the customer service, industrial design and stainless steel fabrication that are the cornerstones of our equipment business.

Since the inception of our test kitchen in 2010, we’ve been making chocolate regularly for visitors and clients from around the globe. We have relationships with suppliers, industry experts and fellow equipment makers for all facets of the chocolate making process.

Chocolate making

We share our knowledge to make you successful

chocolate kitchen

If you’re new to chocolate making, or a chocolatier looking to make the transition to bean to bar, we’ll gladly share our knowledge, connections and experience to help familiarize you with the process of transforming raw cacao into finished chocolate.

Our chocolate kitchen is available for first hand demonstration of the equipment line, so you can see all stages of our process from roasting and winnowing, to grinding, refining and tempering. If you have a source for cocoa beans but no means to produce chocolate, we can arrange a test run, either in-person or remotely, to give you a finished chocolate indicative of your cacao’s unique potential.

Made-to-order equipment by us 

Not only do we offer a complete chocolate making test kitchen, but all of the equipment we offer is designed and manufactured right next door in our fabrication shop by highly skilled stainless fabricators and machinists. We complete every detail under one roof, including control panel design and wiring. We build each machine to order and nothing leaves our facility without a rigorous QC check and comprehensive testing.

Working in conjunction with our logistics partners, we can ship equipment world wide, in secure, professional crates, to ensure that each piece safely arrives to its destination in perfect condition. To date, we’ve sold individual machines and full equipment lines in over 20 countries world wide and continue to add new destinations to the list.

Welding stainless steel

Start up Assistance

Start up assistance

We also offer on-site start up assistance and training at our clients’ facilities, should they require anything from basic training to technical and engineering consultation. We’ve traveled as far as Taiwan and Papua New Guinea, to make sure our customers get the best experience possible with Cacao Cucina® equipment, and have the knowledge they need to produce the best possible chocolate.

At Cacao Cucina®, we provide more than just the equipment to make high quality bean to bar chocolate. We’ll work with you and your team to foster a solid understanding of the bean to bar process and to connect you with all the resources necessary to create high quality chocolate.