Tempering Machines

What is Tempering? Tempering is the process of taking chocolate through a specific sequence of heating, cooling, and re-heating to develop the most stable fat crystals in the cocoa butter. This results in a finished chocolate with shine and snap.

Cacao Cucina® Tempering Machines offer a simple alternative to other tempering machines in the marketplace. Our tempering machines are heavy duty and designed specifically for artisan chocolate, which is often more viscous than a typical couverture. Artisan chocolate recipes may not contain lecithin to bind extra water and reduce surface tension. This can make circulating the chocolate through a tempering machine more problematic. Many other tempering machines on the market do not have pumping systems to handle more viscous bean-to-bar chocolate recipes.

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The operator controls the temperature parameters for the tempering process, which will vary depending on whether the recipe is dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, or a specialty chocolate. The agitator is variable speed.

Our Tempering Machines are stainless steel, with an on-board water chiller for the water jacket. No external water source or connection is needed. The discharge is opened and closed manually to supply chocolate to a mold or container.

The Tempering Machines, like our Chocolate Makers, are also designed to be completely emptied. The agitator and discharge are removable, allowing the operator to completely clean and sanitize the machine in the event of contamination or change-overs. Tempering machines that circulate chocolate through the unit by means of a pump have a “heel” – a certain amount of chocolate – that always remains in the machine and is necessary for start-up. Completely cleaning this type of tempering machine is very difficult and time consuming.

The ability of the Cacao Cucina® Tempering Machines to handle viscous chocolate recipes, along with their industrial design for reliability and ease of sanitation, make them a natural choice for the small batch artisan chocolate-maker.

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Cacao Cucina® offers two models of Tempering Machines – the TM-10, and the TM-25. The TM-10 model is designed for a 10 kg (25 lb) batch size. The operator sets the temperature parameters for the tempering cycle, starting with the “heat” set point. Once the heat temperature is reached, the operator switches from “heat” to “temper”, and the tempering cycle will begin. The operator manually ends the tempering cycle when the final set point has been reached. The TM-25 model is designed for a 25 kg (50 lb) batch size. The PLC automatically controls the entire tempering cycle, and allows for recipe storage of process parameters for different types of chocolate. Both TM-10 and TM-25 control panels have an E-Stop.

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