Machines for Larger Operations

The Winn-150 Small Scale Winnower was the first machine in the Cacao Cucina® line built for chocolate processing. This winnower has a nominal capacity of 150 kgs/hour roasted nib. By industry standards, this is a still a very small production machine.

The Winn-150 comes with a standard bean breaker, pneumatic screen raking system, and shell collection system. Bean feeding systems and a centrifugal bean breaker are optional.

In 2014, an accompanying BC-150 Cocoa Bean Cleaner was developed for raw beans. The bean cleaner sorts by size, metal, and density at a nominal rate of 150 kgs/hour raw bean.

Although these are the largest machines offered at present, we have preliminary designs for raw bean cleaning and roasted bean winnowing at a capacity of 300 kgs/hour.

Cocoa bean cleaning and cocoa bean winnowing are the only machines offered for larger bean-to-bar chocolate operations. If your project is higher in capacity than 100 – 2000 pounds per week of finished chocolate, but 300 kgs/hour or less of cocoa bean processing, we are happy to work with you on raw bean cleaning and sorting, and roasted bean winnowing. There are several vendors for roasting, grinding, refining, and tempering to support larger chocolate processing operations, depending on the method you choose to make chocolate.