Quality Chocolate Equipment Made in the USA

All Cacao Cucina® equipment is built to order at our facility in Largo, Florida USA, by experienced craftsmen. The equipment is stainless steel construction. Food contact surfaces are stainless steel, UHMW, or other FDA approved materials. Machines are wired to conform to the electrical standards of the destination country.
Stainless steel is brought into our shop as tube, sheet, or angle. We cut, bend, and weld all of our stainless steel frames in-house. Most machined parts and other sub-assemblies are fabricated in our shop. Components such as motors, drives, pumps, etc. are sourced from reputable manufacturers.
When all of the parts for a machine are completed, they are fit together by hand. Once the machine is mechanically complete, we wire the machines internally to the proper electrical specification. At this point, the machine is ready for quality testing by our engineer. When the machine passes quality testing, it is cleaned, safety stickers with a unique machine tag are applied, and it is ready for professional crating.
Behind the scenes, designs are documented, photographs are taken for internal use, fabrication drawings are updated, and all information is stored on a cloud-based server.

High Service Factor

We want our equipment to provide our customers with many years of reliable service. That is why our equipment is designed and built to a high service factor.

What does high service factor mean? It means that the machines are engineered for higher loads than would be typical for the application – the direct result being prolonged lifetime of the equipment. The components specified, the weight of the machines, the quality of the welds, etc. are typical of standard, industrial production equipment that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. It means that you won’t experience routine mechanical or electrical breakdowns, even in peak production periods. This differentiates our equipment from “appliances.” Appliances are not designed to sustain the wear and tear of day in, day out use, and often cannot match true production equipment in either efficiency or in the quality of product they produce.

We know that Cacao Cucina® equipment is built to high quality standards, because we design, build, inspect, and test it our facility. Think of us as artisan equipment builders!