Cocoa Butter Press

The Artisan Cocoa Butter Press is a vertical, 75 ton air-over-hydraulic press with PLC touch screen control, designed to press approximately 4 pounds of warm cocoa liquor at pressures up to 7,000 psi to produce cocoa butter for single origin chocolate. Depending on recipe and cacao content, it is often necessary to add cocoa butter to the chocolate recipe to achieve the desired fat content for the finished chocolate. The Artisan Butter Press allows chocolate makers a way to efficiently produce butter from the beans they use to produce their unique bean-to-bar origin chocolate. Prime pressed butter from origin beans enhances the flavor of the finished chocolate, and allows for a claim of single origin chocolate on the label.

The Artisan Butter Press consists of a 6″ OD stainless steel heated press pot, and outer frame for the press pot, a butter drain pan on a heated platform, and an auxiliary pump to transfer butter from the top of the press pot to the drain pan. Warm cocoa liquor is poured into the press pot, and pressing is carried out through a sequence of increasing pressure over prescribed periods of time. The temperature and particle size of the liquor, as well as varying the sequence and timing of the press cycle will result in press cakes with higher of lower percentages of residual fat. The press cakes can be ground into cocoa powder for use in cookies, brownies, and drinks.

Cocoa Butter Press
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5kg, 200-ton Cocoa Butter Press