Chocolate Makers

What is a Chocolate Maker? The Chocolate Maker is a temperature controlled, shallow bed stirred ball mill capable of reducing particle size to under 20 microns.

The Cacao Cucina® Chocolate Makers mix, refine, and conche chocolate in a single, self-contained machine. The chocolate mass is constantly being circulated in the ball mill with exposure to temperature controlled air. This action helps to remove unwanted volatiles in the chocolate, resulting in a smooth flavor and texture profile.

Chocolate Maker A
Chocolate Maker B

The Chocolate Maker is constructed of Stainless Steel. The machine comes standard with a temperature-controlled water jacket. The heating and cooling system is on-board. No water hookup is necessary. There is also a temperature controlled air system. Warm air can be blown into the vessel during refining through a ducted opening in the lid for a conching effect at the discretion of the operator. Temperature control of the vessel and the air allow the operator to produce dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, and specialty chocolates under specific and optimal processing parameters for the ingredients used in the formulation.

The agitator is variable speed, and is designed to operate at optimal speeds with ample clearance of the agitator arms. Hardened chrome grinding media is supplied with the machine.

A discharge system, complete with magnet, is standard with every Chocolate Maker. By passing the chocolate over a strong magnet, you can be sure your chocolate is free of ferrous metal. Pumping chocolate can be a challenge, so we use a vacuum system to pull molten chocolate from the vessel. The vacuum helps to more efficiently discharge the chocolate. The bulk of what is left behind is chocolate that is coating the grinding media.

Chocolate Maker C
Chocolate Maker D

One very important feature of the Chocolate Maker is the ability to thoroughly clean and sanitize the unit. The agitator shaft, grinding media, and discharge are removable, making it possible to clean the vessel, agitator, discharge system and magnet, the grinding media in the event of contamination, or for change-overs where cross pollination of formulas would negatively impact the next batch of chocolate.

When you choose a Cacao Cucina® Chocolate Maker for refining chocolate, you will have a machine with that is simple to operate and offers the control you need to produce your special chocolate, built to industrial standards for service reliability and ease of sanitation. Custom grinding media is available.


Cacao Cucina® offers two models of Chocolate Makers – the CM-10, and the CM-25. The CM-10 model is designed for a 10 kg (25 lb) batch size. The control panel is a basic panel with on/off and temperature control for the water jacket and the air system. There is a digital controller for the variable speed agitator, as well as an agitator timer. An air heater safety alarm insures there is enough air pressure for safe operation of the air heater. The CM-25 model is designed for a 25 kg (50 lb) batch size. In addition to its higher capacity, the CM-25 model offers PLC touch screen control. The PLC allows the operator to set timing functions for air and agitation, temperature set-back when the agitator is off, and recipe storage of process parameters. Both CM-10 and CM-25 control panels have an E-Stop.

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