Cacao Cucina Small Batch Chocolate Equipment

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Small Batch Chocolate Equipment

We specialize in working with individuals, families, and small businesses who want to produce good tasting, high quality bean-to-bar chocolate for sale in their local markets. We offer the equipment, training, production planning, and development resources to help you succeed. With a background in confectionery engineering, operations management, product development, and quality control, we understand what it takes to run a food production facility. If you are interested in starting or expanding your own artisan chocolate company, let us be your partner. Join our clients in over 20 countries worldwide who depend on Cacao Cucina® equipment to help them make great chocolate.

The Cacao Cucina® line of equipment is designed for boutique artisan chocolate businesses who want to produce and sell 100 – 1,000 pounds per week of delicious chocolate. We make it easy to understand the process of making chocolate from raw cocoa beans, and how each step of the process contributes to the quality of the final chocolate. Our equipment gives you the flexibility and control at each step of the process to make chocolate that is uniquely yours.

Chocolate Kitchen Layout

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Creative products come from creative minds. Our equipment was designed in-house, and designed specifically for small-scale chocolate processing. The equipment used in each step of the chocolate-making process is modular and self-contained. Whether you need a single piece of equipment, or an entire line, we invite you to see how Cacao Cucina™ equipment stands above the rest in reliability, efficiency, safety, sanitation, and after sales customer service.