Welcome to Cacao Cucina

Cacao Cucina is a line of small-batch, bean-to-bar chocolate making equipment, designed and manufactured by Bottom Line Process Technologies, Inc. The line is designed to yield between 100 and 1000 pounds of finished chocolate per week or function as product development support in R&D laboratory applications. All machines are manufactured to order in the USA, using high quality materials. For more information, please see below and visit the About the Cucina section of our website. If you have any questions, feel free to call, Email, or Skype!

Bean-to-Bar Chocolate Line

Also Available From Cacao Cucina

Chocolate Sifters for screening finished chocolate to ensure optimal smoothness

Three Winnower Models

  • Winn-15 15 kg/hr cocoa bean winnower
  • Winn-45 45 kg/hr cocoa bean winnower
  • Winn-150 150 kg/hr cocoa bean winnower

Winnower Infeeds automatic feeding systems for the Winn-15, Winn-45 and Winn-150 model winnowers

The Laboratory Ball Mill a lab-scale stirred ball mill refiner for recipe formulation and R&D work

Cocoa Butter Presses air over hydraulic presses for pressing same-origin cocoa butter or lab analysis

New At The Cucina

We offer vibratory infeed systems as an option for our Winn-15, Winn-45, and Winn-150 winnowers. The feeder consists of a 2 cubic foot stainless steel hopper with vibratory amplitude control for adjusting the feed rate. Check out the video below to see the feeder in action!